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Fighting Against Financial Elder Abuse

Last updated on December 2, 2023

Financial elder abuse frequently happens when care providers or family members gain the trust of an older person, and then use that trust to their financial advantage. In the legal field, this is referred to as exercising undue influence.

At the Wessels Law Firm, we take steps to correct the situation or, if we can, prevent it from happening altogether. Our firm has handled multimillion-dollar cases in which an unscrupulous person obtained all the assets of an elder. We have also helped recover the stolen assets and bring the wrongdoer to justice.

If you are a beneficiary of an estate or family member and you suspect something is wrong, contact San Jose financial elder abuse attorney Kai H. Wessels right away.

Successfully handling sensitive elder abuse matters often requires your lawyer to have knowledge of both elder law and criminal matters. You will find the experienced and knowledgeable representation you need at the Wessels Law Firm.

Examples Of Elder Financial Abuse

Financial elder abuse can take many forms, including:

  • Stealing a few dollars from the elderly person’s wallet
  • Convincing the elder adult to convey his or her property to the abuser
  • Convincing an elderly person to purchase an unneeded annuity or other fraudulent financial instrument

Such abuse can strip the elderly victim of all assets and leave him or her penniless.

Warning Signs Of Financial Elder Abuse

There are warning signs of elder financial abuse for which families and friends of the senior can look:

  • Does your elderly loved one seem afraid of a caregiver?
  • Is your loved one unwilling to speak in his or her caregiver’s presence?
  • Have you noticed unusual activity in your elderly loved ones’ checking account?
  • Is a caregiver or relative more concerned about the senior’s finances than his or her mental and physical health?
  • Does your loved one seem isolated, or is he or she prevented from visiting alone with friends and family members?

These are all signs of elder financial abuse. It is important to talk with an elder law lawyer about your options as soon as possible so you can take the necessary steps to correct the situation and protect your senior family member.

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