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Skilled Real Estate Advocates On Your Side

Last updated on December 2, 2023

Contentious real estate disputes involving significant investments can result in prolonged litigation. However, with the support of a skilled real estate attorney, you can protect your rights and your investments. At the Wessels Law Firm, we help individuals, families and businesses protect their rights and interests in real estate investments.

We will protect your rights in real estate litigation and work both quickly and efficiently to resolve your pressing legal matter. Please contact us today to protect your rights. .

At the Wessels Law Firm, we understand that time is of the essence and, as such, always seek to resolve real estate disputes quickly. For example, funds you need to purchase another home may be locked up because of the litigation. We will always remain mindful of your immediate and long-term interests and see that your dispute is resolved as efficiently as possible.

Resolving Residential Real Estate Issues

Whether you are purchasing your first home or selling a home you have owned for 20 years, we understand the significant investment you have made in your real estate. Litigation that affects your ability to sell your home or purchase a new one can prove to be extremely stressful and financially daunting. We will work hard to ensure that your dispute is resolved properly.

Efficient And Effective Resolution Of Commercial Real Estate Disputes

Commercial real estate investments involve significant planning and funds, as well as multiple investors, developers, and construction companies. When you or your business is facing complex commercial litigation related to real estate, we can assist you in asserting your rights and protecting your profits. Throughout the duration of real estate litigation, we will always remain mindful of your bottom line.

Breach Of Contract Cases

Most real estate disputes arise out of a breach of contract or an alleged breach of contract. If you are facing litigation related to a breach of the purchase sale agreement or other purchase-related document, we can provide you with aggressive and decisive representation. Please contact us today for a free evaluation of your case or claim.

In addition to breach of contract claims we also handle boundary disputes, easements, covenants and other real estate litigation matters.

Contact our firm, in San Jose, California, to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your real estate planning needs with an experienced lawyer. Call us at 408-705-4577. Our firm provides the sound advice and strategy needed to successfully manage your legal needs.