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Putting An End To Trust Exploitation And Fraud

Personality changes in senior citizens could very likely be a warning to concerned family members. If one of your relatives has recently become distant or agitated, do not underestimate this as an insignificant behavioral change. Even mild personality changes could indicate your loved one has been exploited.

Established in 1993, the Wessels Law Firm handles trust and will contests throughout San Jose, California. Our probate law firm is committed to holding caregivers, neighbors and family members accountable for exploiting vulnerable individuals for their financial benefit. We also advocate for individuals wrongfully accused of exploitation. Our firm offers a comprehensive approach focused on preserving justice.

Contact our law firm today to address your concerns with an experienced trust administration fraud lawyer. We offer free initial consultations at our law office in San Jose, California.

Uncovering Exploitive Acts

Since 1993, probate lawyer Kai H. Wessels has handled will and trust contests involving allegations of exploitation against vulnerable individuals. In some circumstances, family members become concerned after seeing an alteration in their loved one’s personality.

We have also represented clients who faced barriers when trying to meet their loved ones. Caregivers and other entrusted individuals have been known to gain upper hand over senior citizens’ financial affairs through conducting secret meetings. Our law firm works with experts to uncover exploitative acts involving:

  • Abrupt changes in spending habits
  • Retitled savings and banking accounts
  • Financial meetings held in secret or with little warning
  • Forged financial checks and other financial documents

Our probate law firm has extensive experience handling emotionally charged disputes involving family members and close friends. We are prepared to challenge the validity of wills or trusts.

We often consult medical doctors to illustrate if individuals lacked the mental capacity to make concrete decisions at the time the will or trust developed. Witness reports are also used to show the person holding the power of attorney took advantage of his or her role for personal benefit.

Contact Us Today

If you have concerns over a contested will or trust, seek legal help immediately. Our probate law firm provides the sound advice and strategy needed to effectively handle trust and will contests. Contact our firm today to schedule a free initial consultation by calling 408-705-4577.