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Out-Of-State Representation In Probate Matters

If your loved one passed away in one state but owns land or other assets in California, you will need to probate those assets in California. This is referred to as ancillary probate. San Jose lawyer Kai H. Wessels provides out-of-state representation for all ancillary probate needs throughout California.

Established in 1993, the Wessels Law Firm offers experienced representation in estate planning and probate matters. We will work closely with you to handle the probating of assets in California as quickly and smoothly as possible so you can move forward. Contact our San Jose law firm today to discuss your concerns in a free consultation with probate administration attorney Kai Wessels.

Probate Litigation And Trust Litigation

In addition to providing out-of-state representation to clients with basic probate administration needs, we also handle probate litigation and trust litigation matters that need to be handled in California. Often issues arise regarding the title of the property or how to handle the property if it is to be divided or sold. Other issues may involve claims of undue influence and breach of fiduciary duty.

Our probate law firm is committed to ensuring the decedent’s wishes are carried out according to what is written in his or her will or trust document. Whether you are an executor or beneficiary, we can help protect your interests in the matter.

Contact Our Estate Administration Law Firm For A Free Initial Consultation

Contact our law office in San Jose, California, today to schedule a free initial consultation by calling 408-705-4577. San Jose out-of-state representation lawyer Kai Wessels is available to handle ancillary probate throughout the state of California.