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Seasoned Probate Administration Lawyer

Probate can be a lengthy, overwhelming process of notifications, filing requirements and other court procedures. In some circumstances, probate administration can lead to contentious and complex disputes. Having an experienced probate administration lawyer on your side can help make the process go smoothly.

At the Wessels Law Firm, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in asset distribution. For decades, San Jose probate administration attorney Kai H. Wessels has helped clients assert their rights and protect their best interests. He consistently seeks to preserve the testator’s true intentions.

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Did your loved one recently passed away in one state, but owns property in California? We handle probate for out-of-state clients in all California counties.

Representing You Through All The Steps Of Probate

Have you recently lost a loved one and are seeking to probate a will or are probating an estate without a will? We can help protect your interests and honor the intentions of the deceased. The typical probate proceeding usually includes the following steps:

  • The will is lodged with the court
  • Petition is filed to probate the will
  • Letters testamentary allow individuals to act on behalf of their loved one
  • Assets are assessed. The extent of debts and the type of assets owed are clarified. Debts and taxes are paid out of the estate
  • Probate disputes are resolved through probate litigation
  • Real estate may be sold and assets may be liquidated to pay the beneficiaries
  • Petition for the distribution of assets to beneficiaries is made
  • The assets are distributed to the beneficiaries

As your probate administration attorney, Kai H. Wessels will work with you — or your executor or the administrator — to avoid mistakes and settle the estate as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Reviewing Ex Parte Applications

As a result of his knowledge and efficiency handling probate administration, Mr. Wessels is trusted by the Santa Clara County Superior Court to review ex parte applications. He makes recommendations to probate judges based on whether the applications should be granted or denied.

Handling Probate Litigation

Not all executors have the best interests of the beneficiaries or the intentions of the testator in mind. Executors sometimes fail to distribute the assets correctly or at all. Attorney Kai H. Wessels works to protect beneficiary rights and handle any disputes over real estate, tax issues, the presence of fraud or the need to remove a personal representative. He can also defend executors who have been wrongfully accused of wrongdoing.

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